Monday, May 6, 2013

The Peaceful Tempurung Seaside Lodge

So peaceful, so beautiful!
Never thought I would find another peaceful and beautiful beach in Kuala Penyu.
Should come here more often if one wants to escape from the city and workload.
Wouldn't be explaining so much of the place as you can get all the information from the website

Anyway, just enjoy the photos that I took the last few days I spent in the
stunning beach in the district of Kuala Penyu.

Really must watch out your steps!  Going up and down the wooden pathway really make your body sweat!
Still so many flights down the stairs
The amazing white sandy beach and azure sea water
Love this view........together with this lonely fishing boat.....
Sunset soon to arrive but still a perfect time to face the sea
Had not been seeing hubby for the last 10 days was a bit distressing to me......really misses him so much!
Step by step!
......unless you're the honorary guest......

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