Sunday, October 27, 2013

Desa Cattle Farm

Mum and Felix were here in KK with us, spending the holiday for a week.
So we brought them to the scenic Desa Cattle Farm, which is located at Kundasang, Sabah.
We started our journey with a slow drive at around 10 something in the morning, yes, after a stuffed breakfast at Tuaran town where we had Tuaran Mee. 
It was quite regreting for stuffing myself with a bowl of noodle soup and suffer some mild to moderate giddiness during the whole journey.  
However, after we stopped for a short while at Pekan Nabalu, I was okay already.

We were almost there!
Upon arrival at the main gate, we had to pay for the entrance fee @ RM4.00 per adult.
Don't like the gravel road along the way.....but sorry folks, have to bear with it! :( But at least I enjoyed the captivating scenary and the whole experience was like in New Zealand.
holy moly! These two cows were fighting.  Showing off to the audience how strong they were! ^_^
Still fighting!  The others just continue to graze and graze the grasses. 
So this is the place where the cow's milk was pasteurized and packed.

Heading towards the calf pen.....
Cute little calf
Feeding time!
cute goats!
Definitely a worthy experience to come to the farm!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cheesecake 1st Attempt

I forgot to post about my first attempt on making cheesecake.
Since I don't have an oven at home in KK, I just choose to make a simple one using philadelphia cream cheese and the freezer.
No need to bake, that's the fun part of it!

Have a to buy a new mixer since I don't have one on my own.  Parkson had a promotional sale for the weekend and I only have to pay RM64.00 for this piece of Tefal.  Since I have a RM50 voucher coupon from Parkson as a gift, I bought another toaster!
.......which is less than RM50.00.....another additional equipment to move out to our new rented house!....duh....
Bye! Bye! to my precious Parkson Gift Voucher.......
Bought the necessary ingredients for the classic philadelphia cheesecake including McVities Digestive cookies and natural sour cream; and Wachaaaa!!!!  With all my skills herited from my mum, this is my simple version of cheesecake.  Hubby loves it!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Romantic Dinner

I think he's definitely the best man in the world lah!  
I always get upset when things don't work out as perfectly as I wanted to, he'll always be there to make me realize that there's nothing to be worry of and in fact, there's no point of being upset.  
Just be relax!
So wanted to celebrate the birthday of my beloved man for a week.
I was so proud of him for being able to control himself from eating steak or red meat.  Ya, no meat until his birthday! Hahaha!
So went to Brass Monkey last night (Saturday) and he had a wonderful lamb rack!
Hot mushroom soup as starter
The weekend where Brass Monkey will serve Lamb Rack @ RM45.90
I had Grilled Norwegian Salmon @ RM32.00
No birthday cake but moon cake that's perfectly goes well with a cup of tea.......yum!
 Happy Birthday my beloved hubby!

The Joy of Work

It's almost the end of my six-month contract with my current job under the 
UMS Social Science Malaria Research Team as a 
"Research Assistant" on paper 
but multi-tasking "Project Manager" for coordinating the day-to-day work for the team.  
And hoping that it'll be another great six-month with the same team.  
I am greatly overwhelmed with the many challenges and experiences that truly showing my skills and perhaps, polish my self-confidence especially in arranging and planning the administrative aspect so that the whole team gets up and about!

Went to Pulau Banggi on August, 15th and again, it was so wonderful to get to know new people.  Was on a working trip to Kpg Limbuak Laut for community sensitization which as considered important to this malaria project because by approaching the people of the kampung, we would be able to explain the role plus function of each and every international team who is involved in this 5-year project.  I felt blessed for given the opportunity and trust to partly organize the whole program. 
Went to Kpg Nangka in mainland Kudat and having to go up and down this stretch of road to get our enumeration work done.  We have more than 30 households to interview within 3 days and I almost couldn't bear the heat.  Thank goodness these two girls are more energetic than me and really can walk the talk. 
For me, the 20-door longhouse was a tough one because of  the on-going and non-stop interview sessions from door-to-door.  MILD DIZZINESS!
These children were so excited to see this lovely "orang putih"......
Get to write about the news of our local team on the international newsletter is really another breakthrough that I could hardly believe.  Hahaha! Perasan! But am happy it's on the newsletter all the way from London! hehehe, Thanks to Beth who is the project administrator in London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) for helping me out with the words and letters.  Still need to learn a lot of first class English to improve!
 Well, there'll be more to come, I hope.  
Though I am getting half my previous salary, this whole experience with the new work, new people and new environment makes me think that quality is more important than quantity of life. 
While facing the many challenges, I actually enjoy my current working life.  
No more selfish thoughts!
No more demotivating people around that can rule our life!
Don't feel left behind!
I'm so comfortable in my current position and I face no more bias competition!
I love it and I am glad I've make the right choice!
Ya Bahá'u'l-Abhá

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Travelling Up & Down

Have been travelling around every weekend since early July for short vacations and at the same time, Roy having meetings almost everywhere!!!  
Though hectic, that's how I should enjoy my life, instead of just the usual routine - going to work, coming back to work, doing house chores, eat and sleep.  
Cool isn't it?!
The best thing is, having to the quality time we spent with different people in our lives! And cherish the moment both of us spending together is still the best!

When hubby ordered Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser, I couldn't just keep quiet.  I want one too.......but some healthy wrapper from AirAsia.....nice!  Must wondering where we went to?  Yes, home!  We miss mum and Felix.  And Nee-nee and Mimi....
Quality time with family,!?! Hahaha......
Sugarbun ice-cream is a must!
The July 2013 edition of 3sixty
Took the reflection of slippers with different colors......this photo is taken in the hotel in Sandakan
I like this simple wardrobe!

Flown to Sandakan on the 27th July where hubby attended the NSA meeting.  That night there was a community gathering in Sandakan Baha'i Centre where it was so nice to see the friends and had a nice makan-makan.
Flora bought some cakes from Baker Field....yummy!

Breakfast at a coffee shop just next to our hotel.....
Banana Leaf Lunch with the Baha'i friends again after the meeting on July 28th....
My lunch, of course....before heading to the airport and leave for KK!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When he got fever...

Roy always take care of other people but never take good care of himself.
Down with diarrhea not long ago and then more than a week ago, when he got sick with fever and this time with shiver , what comes into my mind is MALARIA or DENGGUE!!   Of course lah, since he's been in and out of the kampung/camp in Kota Marudu, we'll just freak out when he got that rigor and fever sign.  Fever up to 40oC and even doctors also suspecting the same diagnosis.  
The attack came all of the sudden and had to go to a nearby private clinic to do a thorough medical check-up.  Later, he was referred to the local hospital to have blood test done.  So, immediately we jumped into our car and headed to Queen E's hospital.  By the time we arrived,  it was already about 10pm at night.  Amazing to see that we were actually not alone.   
"Hehe, first time going to A&E, especially at night maaa....!"   
There were a lot of people, waiting for their turn.  Thank goodness, Roy recovered after he was given a jab, so we just waited patiently just like any other patients who were already there.
The service was quite slow but amazingly, I had nothing to argue about, maybe because either the staff were used to this situation and no point of rushing around trying to finish the work or it's just the culture of Sabahan's being pelan-pelan aja bah!  Everyone was just relax and cool, including us.
Roy said, though it was slow, the MOs were very passionate and committed in their work.
Well, something to learn from a brief overnight stay at A&E ya?  :-)

Poor hubby!  What a heart-break to see this...:-(
But the most relieving thing is, it's just VIRAL infection.  Pheeewwwww!  And by the time we got home, it was already almost 0300 am in the morning.....!

Ai is Cinta....Ai is Love

So went to Gaya Street last Sunday, which was about more than a week ago.
We were strolling around with a friend, Ajeeve and his beloved wife, Suru when suddenly I saw this old man.  I've been a fan of chinese calligraphy and was totally amazed as this old man is an Indian and can write beautiful chinese characters.  He waved at me and then, asked me to come towards him.  He immediately took out an empty red-coloured piece of paper and started to write something with his brush.  He then, gave the piece of his art to Roy and told him, it's "LOVE".

Ai is Love!

Busy buying some local fruits from a local store at Gaya Street.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Everyday I miss my father, and when I miss him, 
I will always thought how life would be if he were still with us.
Same thoughts too about my father-in-law.
But  I guess, both of them would be happier in the kingdom of the All-Mighty.
Happy Father's Day to our beloved fathers......
and really want to thank them 
for always taking good care and protecting both our mums.......

To the friends who have know both of our fathers, please do remember them in your prayers. 

Catch 22

So went to see Alan with his new position as a manager at Catch 22,
a so-called globally inspired seafood restaurant located at Sadong Jaya in Kota Kinabalu.
We were glad to see him there serving his customers with such joyfulness and confidence.
All the best, Alan!

Beautiful design and concept....just like in a blue sea....:)
There are 40 over items on their menu and my goodness! Their soup-of-the-day is really gooooood!
From Mediterranean to Asian style, they serve really  fresh seafood including salmon belly (as shown on top left) to crab burgers (bottom left).....oh ya, if you want hush puppy, and you can get hush puppy here indeed (bottom right) right is somekind of a fish dip served with toasted bread....Nice!
Oh my, hubby is definitely enjoying his pannacota........with strawberry toppings.....Manager Alan Craig is on his right with his signature smile, telling us the food they have and what's best in the restaurant.....
Specially made for us!  Hot chocolate!  The best I had in KK!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Month has Gone

Aiyyyooo, so much work to do!
At home......with lots of cooking, washing, mopping and other house chores!
In the office.....paperwork, meetings, emails, planning and in the process of beautifying my office which is also our research room!

When this was a month May....

....and this was just recently........

Down with fever two days ago and longing so much for Roy 
and damn it!  Really praying so hard that he'll eventually transferred from Kota Marudu  to KK! 
Please God, promptly unite both of us!  
So with all these, am definitely got no time to actually sit down, compile all the photos I took and upload to tell some memorable stories into pingsweetmemories, 
until this particular weekend when I can finally spend my own sweet times with hubby in his office.
Yes, only both of us together.......for a while....and uploaded some of the beautiful memories we had with beautiful people for the past one month....gosh, how times pass by like a bullet....pow!

A wonderful friend from Jakarta and two friends from Kota Marudu.....came together and stayed in our house for few nights.  Definite our favourite eating house became theirs too :)

Amma was in town also, all the way from KL to see not only her two beloved sons but also her brand new born grand-child, baby

Vafá.  Will upload our beloved niece soon once she's big enough ya....
And definitely thanks to Tylla dearie for this wonderful misty mist....I love the smell....

Wild Lily from Body Shop!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Peaceful Tempurung Seaside Lodge

So peaceful, so beautiful!
Never thought I would find another peaceful and beautiful beach in Kuala Penyu.
Should come here more often if one wants to escape from the city and workload.
Wouldn't be explaining so much of the place as you can get all the information from the website

Anyway, just enjoy the photos that I took the last few days I spent in the
stunning beach in the district of Kuala Penyu.

Really must watch out your steps!  Going up and down the wooden pathway really make your body sweat!
Still so many flights down the stairs
The amazing white sandy beach and azure sea water
Love this view........together with this lonely fishing boat.....
Sunset soon to arrive but still a perfect time to face the sea
Had not been seeing hubby for the last 10 days was a bit distressing to me......really misses him so much!
Step by step!
......unless you're the honorary guest......


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