Saturday, August 24, 2013

Travelling Up & Down

Have been travelling around every weekend since early July for short vacations and at the same time, Roy having meetings almost everywhere!!!  
Though hectic, that's how I should enjoy my life, instead of just the usual routine - going to work, coming back to work, doing house chores, eat and sleep.  
Cool isn't it?!
The best thing is, having to the quality time we spent with different people in our lives! And cherish the moment both of us spending together is still the best!

When hubby ordered Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser, I couldn't just keep quiet.  I want one too.......but some healthy wrapper from AirAsia.....nice!  Must wondering where we went to?  Yes, home!  We miss mum and Felix.  And Nee-nee and Mimi....
Quality time with family,!?! Hahaha......
Sugarbun ice-cream is a must!
The July 2013 edition of 3sixty
Took the reflection of slippers with different colors......this photo is taken in the hotel in Sandakan
I like this simple wardrobe!

Flown to Sandakan on the 27th July where hubby attended the NSA meeting.  That night there was a community gathering in Sandakan Baha'i Centre where it was so nice to see the friends and had a nice makan-makan.
Flora bought some cakes from Baker Field....yummy!

Breakfast at a coffee shop just next to our hotel.....
Banana Leaf Lunch with the Baha'i friends again after the meeting on July 28th....
My lunch, of course....before heading to the airport and leave for KK!

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